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A Warning/Victory Proclamation! Upside Down Cup! :o

I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone else, so I decided to share the experience.
I somehow managed to insert my cup upside-down. It popped open and everything, with the open cup facing the opening of my vagina!!
I think this happened because it was one of the first time I used my cup after I trimmed off the stem. I used the punch down method (although I usually use the 7 fold method), and had my fingers up near the top of the cup, and it started to pop and I (somehow) kept sliding it in and it summersaulted upside down into my vagina. I literally didn't know that could happen.
However, not to fear! I quickly decided not to panic. I squatted down, and reached up there. This was kinda a big thing, because I've yet to have sex, and don't normally stick my hand very far up there, yanno. I managed though! I couldn't really get a grip, because it's the inside of the cup. I pushed a little bit though, because I need to do that anyways to get my cup out normally, and managed to break the seal and get a finger between the cup and my vaginal wall. I was worried it would hurt to come out, because sometimes I have issues with pain taking it out :/. However, with some coaxing, it just kinda slid out! I felt like I birthed a cup! aha.

So, has anything like this ever happened to anyone before?
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