Luceafara (luceafara) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Meluna delivery to the US over 2 weeks?

I ordered a few Melunas that made it to NYC on 6/28, and now could be possibly held up by customs or may be lost.
Has anyone else in the US ordered from directly and if so, how long did it take for your order to get here? The nice CS rep at Meluna said it may be at customs because the parcel was over 300g (I ordered 6 cups), but I am a bit desperate because I fell asleep with my Meluna S on the stove last night, and totally burned a hole into it.

I had no choice but to try out my until then untouched Fleurcup S, and it is just not the same - I can definitely feel it inside.

I have been wearing my Meluna every day, so I feel like I lost a friend :( ... a very intimate friend!

Has anyone had to wait over 2 weeks or had the parcel hijacked by customs?

Thanks in advance.

Update: In all, they took 3 weeks to get to me, but I got them.
Tags: fleurcup, meluna, meluna - soft, where to buy
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