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Should I try a softer cup? Or should I be looking for something else?

Hi everyone. I apologize for the length of this post. I'm honestly trying not to include any superfluous or redundant information but I still want to be thorough.

So I thought I would see if anyone had any suggestions for me. I love my lunette cynthia but I believe that I would do better with a softer cup with similar dimensions. I am, however, still open to potentially still making my current cup work or looking for a different sort of change if someone with more experience than myself thinks it would help.

I keep having issues with having some sort of awkward cramping every now and again with my lunette. Like it doesn't quite feel like the cup is conforming to the shape of my vagina throughout the day and my muscles are straining against it. During some points in my period I don't feel it at all but towards the end I can usually feel it all day and it's quite uncomfortable. This is becoming more of an issue as time goes on because my periods are getting lighter and more infrequent due to my IUD, yet I still need a cup when my period does come. It seems like my muscles were more relaxed when I had more normal periods than they are now. I know that using a cup when you're on your period and off of it is very different, but I essentially need a cup that I can use off of my period too now because I don't know how long it last these days, when it might come, or when it's actually over. I use my cup in anticipation of my period a lot, and it used to work splendidly but since my periods have gotten lighter my body doesn't seem as comfortable with my lunette as it used to be.

The stem is trimmed completely off so I don't think that is my issue either, and the cup is fully open. I love the dimensions, the capacity, the color, and overall design and everything else. I just really wish my cup were a bit softer because I'm getting the sense more and more that that is my problem. But then again, maybe it's the rim or something else that I may not have even thought of. My first cup was a divacup which I believe is a bit softer than a small lunette. I never had issues getting it open and usually when I did have it in it felt fine. My only issue was it's length because it started to poke out of me as it crept down throughout the day and that was very uncomfortable. I've gotten pretty good at inserting and removing cups so I don't think that I would miss the springy action too much when inserting the cup, and I managed inserting the small diva well enough.

So... is a softer cup my best bet? Is there any other factor that anyone thinks could make a difference? Any help is very appreciated.
Tags: cramps, divacup, iud, lunette

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