Running Mouse (outragme_982) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Running Mouse

I am NEVER going back...

Good afternoon all!

I just recently purchased the size 2 LadyCup, and I'm a complete convert.  I had been curious to try cups for quite a while but decided to wait until after I had a baby to order my first one.  My son was born in October, and I had my first cycle last month, using the LadyCup.  What a life changing event!  I will never, never, NEVER go back to using tampons again.

I have a question for you all though.  For those of you who's cycles are NOT regular, do you wait until your menstruation begins before placing the cup?  Or do you take a guess and try to "catch" it beforehand?  My cycles are all messed up from my pregnancy and from lactating for several months, and my flow is extremely heavy the first few hours.  I'm tempted to start wearing the cup a few days before I think my period will happen just so I can avoid destroying my jeans in public.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?

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