zviperess (zviperess) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Length issues for a newbie...

Hi everyone! I'm new to the menstrual cup world, and I've been surfing through the posts to try to find a cup I like. At this point, the small sckooncup is my first choice. However, I'm worried about the length. I've tried using the sizing chart that's been posted, but so far, every time I've checked for my cervix during my period, it's too far back for me to reach at all. Will the stem be sufficient to remove a sckooncup? Should I be looking at something longer like the lilycup? (I'm really just looking for some general advice or experiences...most length issues seem to involve short depth so I can't find much to go on).
Tags: brand comparisons, first time use, sckoon, sckooncup, sizes/size issues

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