Ness (wrgvkg) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Mooncup uk user for 6 years. Need a replacement, have tried meluna and its not working at all.

Hi, my first cup was the diva and I found it too uncomfortable and long. I went to the smallest mooncup uk and it was great. The only thing I found was I could feel it inside (I think it was a bit stiff) especially when doing bowel movements.

I have a pretty low cervix so I after a week of reading up on the great site I decided on the meluna classic ( it is shorter than the mooncup - which i found on my lowest cervix days it felt like it was slipping out) . I am on day 2 of using my meluna and I have been leaking the whole time. I have tried different folds and running my finger all the way aroung but it hasnt helped. Size wise its very comfortable. I am wondering if I need to get a wider cup?

I have been sitting here for a couple of hours looking at all the reviews and comparison charts and the more I look the more
I get confused. I am wondering if the cuplee is the way to go or the fleurcup. Or maybe
I should just go back to another mooncup uk?

I dont want to spend lots of money on cups and not be able to use them.

I know you guys get lots of these posts but was wondering if anyone had any advice for me, please :-).

I remember reading somewhere about the old mooncup vs the newer one? Is there any difference between them like is it softer?

Many thanks in advance

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