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Choosing a Menstrual Cup D:

I came across menstrual cups years ago whenever I did gymnastics, but never ended up going for it.
I thought of them again, particularly due to the fact that you don't have to change them for up to 12 hours which seems fantastic for me, especially in some occasions in which my lifestyle really doesn't permit to me changing a product for over eight hours.
However, I am a young virgin who doesn't know what cup would be best.
My cervix is about 2 inches up there whenever I am not on my period. I will be seeing during my period, but for now this is all the information I've got.
My period is heavy. On the heaviest day, I change a super tampon every 2.5 hours in the beginning of the day and more towards 3.5 the end. The next day I change supers every 4 hours, the next day regulars every 4 hours, and the rest isn't that important.
I do want a cup with a good capacity, but I would rather have a cup that is comfortable. The way I'm looking at it, I would rather have a small cup that suits me really well for the last couple days of my period, rather than a cup that I can't insert at all.
I'm pretty comfortable with my body and I believe that I'll be able to figure out how to put it in and get it out, but I'm concerned.
I assume I would like a "medium" firmness. I'm not too sure, but I'm thinking too soft or too hard is just harder to use.
If we're being picky, I would also prefer a colored cup, because I'm just not digging the clear.
Also, I am on a budget. I am comfortable with paying a bit more for a cup, but I want to be fairly certain that the cup will work for me before purchasing. I do not want to blow 30-40 dollars on a cup that I simply cannot use.
Sorry for the scattered post, but I need help.
Tags: first time use, lunette, meluna, sizes/size issues, virginity
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