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I'm 23, almost 24, years old and still a virgin(shocking I know) and I came across menstrual cups a few years ago while I was bored and on youtube. Not sure how I wound up coming across it in the first place. They piqued my interest, but I was too apprehensive to buy one at the time. Wasn't sure how my mom would have reacted if she found it, since she is fairly conservative. I've done research on some of the different popular brands, but am still too nervous to try one, but I am finally and completely fed up with tampons and pads and the associated mess and smell. Not to mention having to worry about timing and the pad leaking through to your clothes, or sitting wrong and bleeding through your clothes.
Which brand would you recommend for a first timer? After doing my research I've narrowed it down to mooncup UK, lunette, divacup and the new sckooncup. I like the mooncup for it's smaller size, and that I've not read too many bad things about it but am worried that it might be too small for some of my heavier days. The divacup I've heard mixed reviews about, and lunette is kinda large. I've not read anything about the sckooncup yet, possibly because its a newer brand. Which brand is the best for a first timer who is still a virgin? Any recommendations?
elisamba on July 8th, 2013 07:42 pm (UTC)
Nothing shocking. 37-yr-old virgin here. Maybe in 3 years I can get a movie contract for the sequel to that other movie lol...

Paradoxically, I found my softer cup hard to remove because the rim flopped all over or suddenly popped open and hurt. My slightly firmer small Fleurcup suited me better for a few reasons. It was small enough to fold up nicely - the triangle fold is not only narrow, but also easy to control since you keep the rim pinched until almost the entire cup is in your body.

Also, the rim was stiff enough to hold its shape upon removal, a narrow oval taken out very slowly sideways, narrow edge first. To get this shape, I inserted my forefinger and thumb and pinched fairly high up (ETA while holding the stem with my other hand). It takes practice.

Third, I've heard the "bell" shape creates less suction than the "cone" shape. That seemed to be the case comparing my two cups. Though this doesn't have to do with virginity per se, I'm just mentioning it because the suction of my first cup freaked me out as a first time user. So you may want to consider this in choosing your first cup.

Also just a practical tip: before attempting the cup, if you have not done so already you might want to just get comfortable with inserting one finger all three digits, then your finger and thumb. You'll need that "skill" to get the cup out.

HTH :-)

Edited at 2013-07-08 07:48 pm (UTC)