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I'm 23, almost 24, years old and still a virgin(shocking I know) and I came across menstrual cups a few years ago while I was bored and on youtube. Not sure how I wound up coming across it in the first place. They piqued my interest, but I was too apprehensive to buy one at the time. Wasn't sure how my mom would have reacted if she found it, since she is fairly conservative. I've done research on some of the different popular brands, but am still too nervous to try one, but I am finally and completely fed up with tampons and pads and the associated mess and smell. Not to mention having to worry about timing and the pad leaking through to your clothes, or sitting wrong and bleeding through your clothes.
Which brand would you recommend for a first timer? After doing my research I've narrowed it down to mooncup UK, lunette, divacup and the new sckooncup. I like the mooncup for it's smaller size, and that I've not read too many bad things about it but am worried that it might be too small for some of my heavier days. The divacup I've heard mixed reviews about, and lunette is kinda large. I've not read anything about the sckooncup yet, possibly because its a newer brand. Which brand is the best for a first timer who is still a virgin? Any recommendations?
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on July 8th, 2013 12:48 pm (UTC)
I hate to say it but... Start over. The actual dimensions of the cups you've picked out are all over the map. Do a little self-exploration and figure out what brands would fit you best. IGNORE the directions that show a cup sitting at the entrance of your vagina with a cup length or more between the rim and your cervix. That is just plain WRONG and why oh why do all the cup companies draw it that way??? In real life any cup will settle (O) around your cervix and height of the base of the cup will be relative the length of your vagina and the length of the body of the cup. You want the base to be just above your pelvic floor muscles. (Insert your finger, give it a little squeeze. That's them. Cups sit above them.)

If a cup is too long, it will press on your pelvic floor and shift off target or poke through, feeling like it wants to escape. If a cup is too short, you'll have a heckuva time reaching it for removal.

Also consider capacity to match your flow and both shape and stiffness for comfort. Softer is often more comfortable once it's in but stiffer pops open more easily and some say seals more securely. Compare side by side photos. Pointy or blunt base, flared rim or not, stout body or slim. There is a lot to consider but also trust your gut feeling. It's probably right.