Lilah (widewhiteocean) wrote in menstrual_cups,

"suction" = damaging?

I use a Ladycup, and for the most part I love it. But I have a fairly high cervix, and even though the Ladycup is easier to insert and more comfortable than my old Diva, it's sometimes harder to take out.

I can't reach two fingers all the way up to wear it sits. Bearing down only takes it so far, and most of the time I end up having to pull on the stem to get it to a point where I can pinch the base (working as intended?). The problem with this is that it's almost impossible for me to break the seal before the damn thing is practically sitting at the entrance, and it feels like it's tugging on me when I pull on the stem. I pull pretty gently, but the feeling is quite uncomfortable, even bordering on mildly painful, and I worry that I may be causing some damage. It sits fairly high, I want to say it sits around my cervix? But I'm not totally sure. That's certainly how it feels when I pull on that stem lol.

Is it possible to damage myself in this way? I know that a cup sitting high is usually not indicative of a weakening of pelvic floor muscles, but over time could I damage myself and cause them to weaken by improperly using a cup? Should I just try harder to break the seal when it's further in? Maybe these are stupid questions, but I've been feeling pretty anxious about this lately. TIA!
Tags: removal - painful or problems, seal & suction

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