elisamba (elisamba) wrote in menstrual_cups,

(TMI) Solid matter dislodged when removing cup?


I am new to the community and to cups, but enjoying mine (size 1 Fleurcup). Thanks for any advice you can give, it is the last thing I expected when starting this new type of protection. I was towards the end of my period yesterday and when removing the cup in the morning, I noticed about three yellowish, waxy solids on my finger, slightly smaller than grains of rice. TMI alert - they smelled foul and reminded me of navel build-up. I researched and found that the vaginal glands produce sebum - is it possible I have never noticed this before using my cup, and it is natural and the cup dislodged it? (I could really feel the Fleurcup grips on their way out.) Or does it raise a red flag? Some bkgrd - I am not/never have been sexually active, and it was not *in* the cup. Also, I have never had a yeast infection or STI.

Thanks so much, it is a very embarrassing question and I don't know where else to ask it.
Tags: fleurcup, removal - painful or problems
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