Quitterie (quitterie) wrote in menstrual_cups,

small Yuuki, soft version

Hi there,

I have a small Yuuki I bought at the time when just one version of the cups was offered, and I have no idea if this small size is as firm as the actual regular one or if it's squishy as the actual soft model.
I'd say it is more firm than soft, but..

The soft small Yuuki sounds interesting ; that's why I wondered if someone who owned both the regular and soft versions of this cup may tell me if they differ a lot from each other -- from the aspect and 'colour' of the silicone to their stiffness.
Also, may the -soft- small cup's squishiness be compared to.. let's say the medium U-shape -classic- Meluna's one, for instance, (or to any other small cup)?
In advance, thanks :-)
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