p0ppy1 (p0ppy1) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Teen cup user

Hi everyone,

I have been reading posts on this site for about two years now and just wanted to contribute my story for anyone who is nervous about trying cups.

I got my Mooncup UK (small size) in Autumn 2011 when I was 14. I found it very painful to use at first but sorted out position and haven't had that problem since. I am a virgin and hadn't used tampons before due to TSS concerns, this did not seem to be a problem.

Due to my very heavy periods I created a murder scene in a school bathroom on my first period with the cup, thankfully this only happened once! I could not cope with my periods without the cup and wish I had the courage to encourage more of my friends to get them!

Thanks for such a great forum which has been really helpful to me!
Tags: age, heavy blood flow, mooncup (uk), success stories, virginity

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