probablyunsure (probablyunsure) wrote in menstrual_cups,


So I'm using my fleurcup and medium meluna for the first time. I haven't used them much yet but I just have a question. I know that the cups are opened up and everything but they leak after 3 hours. I'm guessing its overflowing but the cups aren't actually full. About maybe half. But I leaked really badly through my clothes since I was only wearing a liner. I guess I need a cup with more capacity? I never really considered my flow heavy and I can usually get a longer time with tampons.

Edit: so I knew my cervix was higher the first two days (it's the night of the second day) but now my cervix is lower and my cups both stick out. I'm wearing the fleurcup now and it's in and open but hanging out a lot. It's irritating the skin near the opening down there and is just annoying all together. If I get a large fleurcup would it actually fit? Also my cervix is usually low for the last three days and I do sometimes have pain with tampons and there's nothing smaller than a tampon really is there? I really do not want to use pads.
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