shainamaydel (shainamaydel) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Mold! on my Diva! ew! help!

I've been a faithful diva user for somewhere around 4-5 years now. i love it. no problems. normally, when i'm done with my period, i rinse my cup well (and often wash using my special basically-nothing-in-it soap) and then soak it overnight in water and hydrogen peroxide (maybe a 4:1 ratio). then i rinse again and let it dry and sit in its mug until the next month. i've been doing this for a while with no ill effects until just now! i looked at my cup and it had MOLD spots on it! wtf! maybe i didnt wash it well enough? maybe it's because it's freaking hot out? i don't know. it also seems to have discolored a little in one part--perhaps where water was sitting before it dried? anyways, the mold washed off pretty easily except for one hole (but i got it clean eventually), and now i have it soaking in water and rubbing you think it's safe to use now? i can afford a new one but really don't want to :(

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