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Getting frustrated, anyone else have this happen?

Today is the second night of my cycle, hoping into my third day of that makes sense. Anyway I'm having so much trouble with my cups today. I know my cervix loves to move around and it's very very low the first day and part of the second day that I'm bleeding, that's fine my fleur worked great, cervix say nicely in the cup and I was comfortable and had no leaks. I tried to reinsert my fleur tonight before bed and found it didn't "fit". It felt like it was being pushed out of me. So I tried my femmecup, it went in and opened and was fine for about ten minutes then it felt like it was being pushed out and felt crampy. So I took it out and tried my xl meluna classic because my flow usually gets heavier on my third day and since I'm putting the cup in for over night wear I don't want to risk leaks. I couldn't even get the cup halfway inside. It felt like the cup was full of air or something. So I took it out and tried my large meluna classic, same results. I grabbed my medium meluna soft, despite knowing it's too small for me to successfully use over night, I thought maybe I just need the softness of the cup. I was wrong, I got it in and it open partially as usual. I fiddled with it and it opened but soon, before I even left the bathroom, felt as if it was being pushed out. I grabbed my last available cup, large lunette selene. It would not go in, same as the fleur. I thought, "What the help? This never happened before." So I decided to shove a finger up there and search for my cervix to see where it was and if it had anything to do with the cups not fitting. My cervix isn't super low but it's not high either. It's about medium height I would say. But the thing is that I can always "feel" my urethra through my vaginal wall, well right now it feels really swollen and I believe my cups have been suctioning themselves to the bit of swollen tissue images of getting in far enough and covering my cervix.

I did successfully get my lunette in. I had to do a sort of seven fold thingy, angle it way down and to right to sort of get it past that swollen stuff, or whatever it is, and it's now fit snugly in there and no leakage, yet(knock on wood).

I'm just wondering what this swelling is from? I know the lady bits can swell during the cycle but I've never had this happen, at least not like this. I also noticed that I could sort of feel my cup pressing on my urethra. That's also never happened. I used a diva for a year before getting my new cups and have used them all successfully at some point in my cycle at least once.
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