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A couple questions from a beginner

  To start with, I'm 14 and a virgin and I just got my menstrual cup in the mail today. I have previously used applicator tampons. I ordered the Lunette selene model 1. Luckily, I'm on my period, so I boiled my cup and rushed to the bathroom to try it out. I used some personal lubricant to aid in the insertion. I tried the punch down fold at first, but I couldn't get it in all the way, so I tried something between the triangle fold and seven fold which worked. I went very slowly and it hurt a little, but I eventually got the cup in all the way (even the stem was in and I couldn't feel it at all!) but the cup didn't fully open. I was too scared to push it in further in hopes it would open, so I stopped. I took a couple steps around and the stem still didn't poke me and I couldn't feel it. Since the cup wasn't open and I was scared it would go even higher up, I decided to take it out. I beared down and managed to grab the stem and pull it fully out, though it did hurt more than insertion had. Now I'm too scared to put my cup back in, because I don't like the idea of having to reach very far up my vagina to get it back out.
  So my questions are, does this mean I have a high cervix? I once tried to find my cervix with a finger and couldn't feel anything, though I was not on my period at the time. Right now I'm kind of turned off of the idea of trying to find it because I'm pretty sore down there. Is this model a bad model for me? I didn't think I'd have a high cervix (I don't know why, but I just assumed I'd be smaller down there) so I decided against any long models like a the diva cup, though now I'm wondering if it would have worked better.
  My other question is are there any tips for helping the cup open? Would putting it even higher up help it open? I don't like the idea of that for the possibility of having a lot of difficulty getting it out, and to be honest I'm kind of scared I won't be able to get the cup back out if it pops open either. Would a different fold help?
  I really like the idea of menstrual cups, and I really want it to work for me. Thanks to everyone who helps <3
Tags: cervix position, insertion - painful or problems, lunette selene, popping open, virginity

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