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The iCare cup and others

Hi :)

Just for the information, there is a cup which looks to be this Chinese/green Donna one, but having a proper name this time : “iCare”, still on those alibaba and aliexpress sites. This cup brand is even available on amazon.com. The company is Rockbrook Industrial Co., Ltd (since 1997)
Also on this site : http://fr.dhgate.com/store/product/2013-new-design-100pcs-icare-menstrual-cup/159420828.html
In addition, here, we can see in some clear pics that a ‘new design’ arose, with the same shape of a cup, being very clear, in the Femmecup style.. I think I can read a “15 ml” inscription on this cup.
It’s said to be made of “100% silicone platine”.

At the bottom of the page in an “Others” section, they point out two elements in particular :
“4. Computer screens have chromatic aberration, especially between CRT screen and LCD screen; we cannot guarantee that the colour of our products will be exactly the same with the photographs you saw.
5. The specification in size figure is only for reference; 1-2mm difference from physical product is acceptable. If you can’t assure which size is suitable for your body, please provide your height and weight and contact us to double confirm.”

(On the left side for the best sales, the Jasmine cup is available too.)

For some months, what could be a knockoff of the Mialuna of the 2nd generation also hit the place, lol, and again, with the same three colours : clear (white), purple and pink :

On alibaba-aliexpress, one can also for instance come across an Instead Softcup shaped item that’s Chinese, with an opaque white rim.

Finally, on this blog, would the 3rd cup be the Selene?? It seems to be a brighter/paler blue, or is it the light =
Maybe it comes from one of the first bunches of Selene Lunette (?)
Have a great day, everyone!
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