Quitterie (quitterie) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cups and pole dancing :)

Hi :-)

I've read the Organicup's help portal, and the answer provided for sports astonished me =
"Can I do sports with OrganiCup?

OrganiCup can easily be used during sports, no matter if it’s swimming, tennis, crossfit or spinding. The only reported sport that isn't recommended while using OrganiCup is pole dancing."

Really? It's surprising that pole dancing isn't recommended with the wearing/use of a cup ; why is that?^
I've been taking only 4 pole dance lessons so far, and wasn't on my period for any of them, but I can't figure out what the problem would be.
Any cuppers who practise pole dancing would like to share their experience?
That'd be great and informative, especially info from advanced dancers, athletes ;o)

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