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HPV and cups

Fellow cup users, now that I've been diagnosed with mild cervical dysplasia a few questions come to my mind regarding my cup and I hope you can help me.
So yesterday it was day one of my cycle and I also had a gyn appointment to get the results of my pap smear. Diagnosis: mild cervical dysplasia due to HPV. I was so shocked when I knew that at that point I couldn't think of anything else rather than how I could have got infected if I'm in a monogamous relationship and I always use condoms. But later I managed to come back to myself and the gyno explained it's possible to get it even using condoms. I have a follow up visit in 4 months to see if the infection clears by itself but now I'm worried I could reinfect myself with my cup.
I always boil my cup 3 minutes after and before each cycle, once in a while I either use hydrogen peroxide or Milton tablets to make it look like in never used condition. Would this be enough to kill the virus? How long can the HPV virus survive outside the human body?
In the scenario of the virus being able to survive on my cup, do you think I could reinfect myself?If my body clears out the infection I would have antibodies to fight a new infection?
Well, I wish all those questions came to my mind yesterday when I was at the doctors office since she doesn't answer any questions on the phone. Hopefully this wonderful community will have the knowledge to help me out.
Tags: cleaning - boiling, cleaning - sterilising solution, doctors

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