Adrienne Barker (Adrienne Barker) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Adrienne Barker
Adrienne Barker

DIvaCup user, problem with pain during use.

I love it. I really do. Been using for well over a year. But, my last 2 periods my cup couldn't get seated right. It felt excruciatingly painful pressing on my bladder. Like very bad gas bubbles. And HORRIBLE cramps. I assume I just didn't have it seated correctly, and went back to my faithful standby (instead cups). I'm over 30. 2 pregnancies, both caesarian deliveries. I currently use a size 2 DivaCup, per instructions but am wondering if a size 1 would be better? (I don't quite understand the size difference having to do with childbirth, if I haven't delivered vaginally?) I've seen many web posts of women saying they had a similar problem, but no clear fix for the problem. Do you have any suggestions?
I currently have the stem trimmed down as I originally found it irritating, could it be that rubbing on me? It doesn't feel like a scratch or cut, it feels like too much pressure. I've tried wearing it lower (literally the end visibly out of the canal) and I've tried higher, where it hurt my cervix. I've tried letting air out. I mostly use the c fold on insertion. I have no problems using the instead cup - and I note it's much more squat in size, could the DivaCup just be too long for me? Certainly an instead cup has a much larger circumference than the DivaCup, so I don't think it's that the circumference is too large? Could it be that it's not large enough and hurting my cervix? But that wouldn't register as painful pressure though? Don't know where to go from here. Please tell me someone has some insight?

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