schoko2013 (schoko2013) wrote in menstrual_cups,

FemmyCycle first time user

Hello everyone,
First thank you for all the info you've shared on this site. I've learned a ton already. :) I decided to switch to cups mainly because I love to travel and hike and was tired of having to compute how many tampons/pads required for every trip. The waste and expense of paper products was also starting to get to me, and I had gradually become disappointed in tampons (leakage).
Anyway, I decided on the Femmycycle and the medium Meluna. I tried the Femmycycle today on the first day of my far so good! Putting it in the first time was a bit tricky but I changed my body position and then no problem and no discomfort. No leakage yet but can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and see... I'm curious how it'll go with the Meluna, once it arrives.

Anybody else have a good (or bad) experience with the Femmycycle?
Tags: femmycycle, first time use
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