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Hi all, thanks already for the advice in all the great posts I've read here in the community. As stated in my title, I am the owner of a short vagina (as told to me by my gyno—I presume that means I have a low cervix especially during my period, as well, which I think is true since I can feel tampons when I insert them even partially). Ever since I got my IUD and and even after having it removed (~3 months ago, due to improper insertion D:), it is also cranky and tends to cramp when I insert regular cotton tampons. For this reason, as well as that of sustainability, I am looking to get a comfortable cup. (I have been having mostly crampless success with natural sponge tampons, but am concerned that they are difficult to clean.) From reading posts on here, I was thinking of going with a MeLuna Soft Medium—even though I am a small person (5'2"), I read that using a too-small cup (like the Mini, which I originally wanted to buy because I thought anything bigger than necessary would make me cramp) can touch the cervix itself as opposed to the sides and lead to cramping that way. I'm wondering if I should go with a regular, though, since as a first-time user I probably don't know how to properly unfold it yet, and I've read it's trickier with the soft ones. FWIW, I'm in my early 20's, nulliparous, not a virgin, and totally comfortable getting up and personal with my bits. Thanks in advance!
juliiie87juliiie87 on June 27th, 2013 03:46 pm (UTC)
I second the "how short are we talking" question because that info would be the most relevant in picking a cup. What you consider low could be "Mini Meluna only" low or "any shortish cup really" low, and only you can measure that up (since you're comfortable with your body. ;)). And on that note... don't fear soft cups if your bits are cranky. All the more comfort for them! I only used super soft cups from the start (Cuplee, Meluna soft, and lately the not sooo soft large Fleurcup) and I have nothing but good things to say about them. All it takes is the right folding technique and perhaps some patience until you get your method down. Another factor that could play a part is capacity : if you have a heavy flow you might want to avoid the Mini Melunas if at all possible, since they have a rather low capacity.