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Meluna EU shop super cheap!! (for non-EU buyers)

Me again.

I went back to the Meluna shop and, in case this is not common knowledge here, their prices are phenomenal in comparison to what I paid on, because shipping to a non-EU address automatically takes off the 19% sales tax Germans have to pay (all prices you see on the site are including the sales tax) during the check-out process.
I had no idea until I actually started the check-out process! And I only did it to see how much shipping would be on a special offer. Ha!

Needless to say, I wanted to see how much I can add to my cart without raising the shipping, and for 6 cups, shipping was still only EURO 5,71.
Their starter sets are EURO 17.65 the equivalent of $23 for two cups at today's rate, the single cups EURO 11.77 or $15. To put it all in perspective, I paid $27 with free shipping on amazon for the one I bought here!

I kind of went overboard once I did the math, but now I am hopeful some of those will work for my purposes, and some may be great back-ups.

Just thought I'd share this with you, as I see there are some ordering coops for this. Not sure if the price is better with volume purchasing?
This may be interesting for complete noobs like myself, who are still trying to figure out sizing. I am so excited!!

Also, they have more special offers than the other sites I have seen!! I bought two of their SOs.
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