probablyunsure (probablyunsure) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Problems on dry run

So I got a medium meluna classic and I just tried it on a dry run earlier. I had many troubles with getting it open but I had less troubles when I used the squiggle fold. I found it hard to push it in because it didn't want to budge. Once it was in and opened up the ball stem was just at my entrance. I felt faint cramps. I left it in for about 10 minutes and it went up a little bit. It was really hard to get out. It's so hard trying to fit two fingers inside to get rid of the seal. Once I squeezed the end of the cup it hurt so bad and I really don't want to experience that again. I managed to get it out though. Another problem I have is I accidentally pinch/poke myself a lot and it hurts. Also now that the cup is out I still feel like its in. The ball stem is not very grippy and I feel like my nails will rip it off so I just use the grip rings.

My period should start in about 9 days I just really hope it's easier then. Idk if inside is suppose to be like this but when I enter a finger it feels like my insides on every side are right there but I don't believe I'm tense. I find two fingers without anything quite hard to fit inside.

I also ordered a fleurcup. I ordered it on the same day but its still in Spain. It's only been 9 days though. Will I have the same problems with the fleurcup?

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