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Meluna Soft leaking when running

Hi All,

I just got my Meluna soft S a few days ago and am using it right now. It is a bit difficult to make it open, because I simply do not have a lot of space down there (and I am completely relaxed when I insert it) and when it does open, it stays in an oval shape (which seems to be OK as per dozens of other posts).
The problem is that the cup leaks a bit too much when I go running, and only then. Right now, I am only spotting, so I am a bit apprehensive about using the cup during a full fledged period when I go on my daily run.

Are there any runners here with the same problem? Any possible solutions? Has anyone tried out the (rock hard?) Meluna Sport, and would it affect a sensitive bladder? Did you switch from one stiffness/size/brand to another with greater success because of high impact exercise?

Other info: in my thirties, no kids, on a dry spell sexually (ehem), have always been tight (not the muscles, just the vagina) as per my sex partners and my pain levels, could never go beyond a regular OB at the very most. Never knew exactly what or where my cervix was until recently, and it travels north at night, and south during the day, or at least during my runs. TMI? Oh yeah, I have a bit of stress incontinence when I run, which is why I thought a cup may be a great idea - better than the doctors recommended tampon. I have been running with a Lelo ben wa ball for a few weeks and it made all the difference on the world, so a cup should be ideal in theory.

I have been lurking here for a while and read hundreds of posts, afer finding you all through an unrelated Google search. This is an incredible community without which I would have never even considered a menstrual cup, since the personal aspect and user experience is missing in a Wikipedia article.

Thank you all in advance!

Quick edit: I bought a bunch of Melunas just now, because I found them so cheap, so I'll update this entry once I get to do some test runs, in case others have the same issue. If you can think of anything else, let me know - I am grateful for all the advice I can get!!!
Tags: leakage & spotting, meluna - soft, popping open, sports/physical activities

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