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Period on a River Trip

Hi again!
I'm very sorry for posting again so soon, but this has just come up. I'm 14, and tomorrow I am leaving for a 4 night river trip. But guess what! This morning, what do I feel but menstrual cramps! They're unpredictable, so I could get my period anywhere from 3-10 days from now. The odds are that I'll get my period on the river sometime. I'm thinking that I can just wear disposable pantyliners under my swimsuit just in case it catches me off guard. But my question is, what do I do if it does? Basically, the rafts leave at around 9:00 each morning, stop for lunch sometime around 1-2 each day, and stop in the evening around 5:00. So what if I realize that I've gotten my period around 10:00 one morning, and I'm just wearing a pantyliner? Ill be on the boat for another 2 hours with no stops or access to supplies. Also, swimming with a disposable pantyliner wont be fun. I've thought about wearing my cup each day for prevention of accidents , but I'm worried since I sometimes have trouble with insertion and I won't have any lube. Also, the bathrooms are just little pots that they set up, so I'd have to bring my own water, and there wouldn't be any soap. I'm leaving tomorrow, but any opinions? Should I wear a pantyliner or cup? Thoughts on sanitation? And finally, personal experiences swimming with a cup?
Thank you guys so much!
Tags: age, continuous use, fleurcup, lubricant
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