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MeLuna wants me to cut up my cups

I purchased a large black and an xl violet cup from femininewear, both had that really tacky sicky spot on the rim. I tried boiling the cups, as I'd read that can help. It didn't. So I contacted femininewear, and never got a reply. It's been for days since I sent the email. So last night I contacted MeLuna to see if there was anything they could do. They told me to cut the cups up and send them a picture then they will send me two new cups, two new not replacement so for all I know they could be different sizes/colors. I'm just not sure what to do. I've only hear positive things about femininewear and here I am having a horrible first experience. I'm also hesitant to do as MeLuna says and cut them up, because for the aforementioned reason as well as, what do I use if they don't arrive before my next cycle. Yes, I have other cups but I wanted to try the large and xlarge to see if the capacity was right and to see if they fit properly. And now I may have to wait until almost August.
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