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In search of new cup

Hello cup experts!

It has been many years since I researched and picked out a new cup, and I'll admit I'm totally overwhelmed by my options. I'm certain that if I spent one week reading the internet I could come to a good conclusion, but I just don't have all that time to devote to it, so I'm hoping you all could help me out.

Today I realized (story behind the cut) that the cup that fits me the best these days is my least favorite to clean, and that it might be time to consider a new one. So, my ideal cup is:

  1. About the same size/shape as my smaller diva cup. Definitely not as wide as the larger lunette. The big lunette feels too big and the small lunette feels too small and the diva feels just right.

  2. As stiff as the largest lunette. I like the way it pops into place so easily. Sometimes I have to fiddle around with the diva to get it to open up.

  3. As easy to clean as the lunette: I like the big holes in the lunettes and I really really do NOT like trying to clean the hollow stem on the diva.

  4. Made in the USA, if that's possible. (Is Canada as close as I can get?)

This morning, I had the delightful experience of fishing my cup out of a poopy toilet. I know I'm not the only one, but it was not pleasant and I wish to avoid it in the future. I just had a cup-boiling party and at roll call I realized that this was my smallest cup - one I'd stopped using a while ago because it kept leaking. (Life has gotten pretty busy lately and no, I probably haven't noticed which cup I grab each month, I just grab one and go. Sometimes it leaks a little and sometimes I remember to wear my lunapanties.)

#4 is the least important to me. My first diva cup got sprayed with some evil anti-soap-scum thing when I visited my parent's house and that made the silicone all gross and sticky circa 2007. I quickly replaced it with the large Lunette to also combat a heavier flow due to a copper IUD that didn't work out in the long run. I loved that it was stiffer than the diva cup because that made it easier to pop open, and I also loved that it was easier to clean. When I got rid of the IUD, the big Lunette started to feel too big, so I tried the smaller lunette, but that one is too small and not as stiff as, though it is not as tricky to get in place as the diva.

The only thing that has sparked my eye so far is that extra-firm meluna, but it turns me off that it's marketed as a "sporty" cup (regardless of the fact that I suppose I am sort of a sporty person? that's quite a tangent though.) I'm also not sure how it compares to the cups I have now in stiffness or in width. I've looked up a couple of measurement and stiffness comparison charts and they don't agree with each other and I don't know which to believe! Unfortunately, the dimensions listed on the meluna website seem to suggest that the M is nearly as small as my too-small Lunette and the L is nearly as large as my too-large Lunette, which doesn't sound appealing. What else is baffling is that by my measurements, the divacup is 42mm wide, the too-small lunette is 40mm, and the too-big lunette is 45mm. This is not exactly what any of the online measurement charts have said, and it is possible that my ruler is just not very good.

So, what do you think is the easiest to clean, most firm cup available in the US that's about 42-43mm wide?

Also, while I'm posting, does anyone know where one might find cheaper lunapanties or any other companies that make something similar? I have a few pairs that I absolutely adore and I would really like some more, but more than $30 for a pair of underpants is a little hard to justify, even if they might be the greatest underpants on earth for one week each month. 
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