kitty_katt90 (kitty_katt90) wrote in menstrual_cups,

It's trying my patience!

First off, I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Katt. I've been quietly reading in the shadows for a while trying to figure out which cup I should get. Thanks to the help of the comparison chart (after I had a big fiasco with the Diva) I settled on a Small Ladycup.

The small Divacup (can't remember which model it is) was too long, and the bottom stuck out even after I cut the stem off. I even tried it inside out, it just wouldn't go in any further. It was a purchase I rushed into before I found the chart.

So I ordered the Small Ladycup. It arrived a week ago, and my period came yesterday, so I put it in, had it right, suction and all, took it back out to trim the stem (and it had already collected some fluid). Since then I feel like I just can't get it in correctly again! And I like to consider myself a fast learner, so believe me when I say this thing is trying my patience.

It pops all the way open, I rotate it, kegel it in there, give it a slight tug (i don't want to tug too much as I have a Paraguard IUD), run my finger around to make sure it is in fact open (pretty sure I'm over any squeamishness I had in regards to my coming in contract with my menstrual blood). I've Read countless posts on here as to what to try next, I can't keep them straight anymore.

The "c fold" is what worked the first time before I trimmed the stem. So I figured I would stick to that, since with the Ladycup Sm I can't even hold the "punch down" long enough to get it in. I'll try the other ones. I just get frustrated really easy.

No matter what I do now, it just leaks. And its not residual, because the cup won't catch anything and I'll have blood on my liner and the outside of the cup, and I'm not even that heavy yet.

And I do make sure the little holes are clear of anything.

Sorry for the length of the post, and I know that this problem had probably been posted a lot, but any advice would be greatly appreciated before I start pulling my hair out. Haha.

Additional info: I'm 23 years old, never pregnant, sexually active, Paraguard IUD.

(Oh, and I'll put it in "straight" and the stem will start to point/rotate to the right, well right if your looking down. That makes me wonder if I'm lopsided in there lol. But I'm sure it's just because there's something I'm missing or not doing right, or it'll start to point "up".)
Tags: first time use, insertion, lady cup, leakage & spotting

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