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Femmycycle review

Hello everyone! I recently purchased the femmycycle cup(s) and would like to share my experience with you!

Firstly, I used to use a diva cup. Had it for about three years. I got a yeast infection and BV at the same time and thought the cup was to blame so I went back to tampons and pads. Just as before, I hated them, so I started looking for a new cup. I saw the femmycyle on youtube (there are only a few videos and most of them are not in english) and the design was so intriguing! I did some more googling and looked on the femmycyle website and went for it. I placed my order directly from the website on a saturday and received it that monday, which was perfect timing. You get two cups for $50. They look a bit intimidating because they are bigger (wider) than the diva. When I first used it, the C-fold, which I always use, was a bit tricky but I got it. Just had to find the right angle. According to the instructions, this cup doesn't need to pop open so I kinda just shoved it in there and let it settle when it wanted. I was pretty paranoid about the whole "no leaks" claim so I kept checking, but it never did! I removed it using the pull ring after about 6 or 7 hours and it was maybe a little less than half full on my heaviest day. Cleaning was a breeze. To empty the cup requires that you flip up the inner lid of the cup, forming a funnel and from there is the same as any other cup. So, to sum it all up, this cup is pretty great and I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a new cup. If you have questions I'll try my best to answer them as soon as I can :)
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