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Hi all!

I recently go my meluna medium classic cup in.
I was so "lucky" that I happened to be spotting the day it arrived so my "dry run" was actually testable. I had a lot of problems getting the cup to open up and suction to me. I called my sister who has had her cup for about a year now and asked her what I was doing wrong? How I was suppose to do it and she told me to calm down that I was over thinking it.
The problem was that I could tell that the cup was open or at least I thought it was when I felt around it with my fingers but the problem was I could push it out. As in bear down like your giving birth to the cup. I wanted to try this for two reasons
1. to make sure the suction was suctioning
2. because I have had problems with pooping out tampons (sorry TMI) before and I wanted to make sure it couldn't happen with my cup.
But I took my sisters advice and left the cup in just hoping it was in properly. Sure enough hours later I went to the bathroom and still at this point when I 'beared down" i could see it with a mirror coming out even with out me pulling it. However it did do its job and there was fluid in the cup. So I guess I must have had it in correctly?
Now its actually time for my period and I can't get the cup to open up. I can feel it still folded up in there. Has anyone else had this problem? Do you think this is just my learning curve? Or do you think I picked a cup that is the wrong size for me? Does anyone have any suggestion on how I could get it in there easier and with less problems?
I am using the C-fold method. I tried the punch down method but read that I should try a more coplicated fold to help it open. I also tried the S-fold but I couldn't really get it right. Do you think my problem could be the folding method?
I need help!
Tags: bowel movements, cervix position, continuous use, dry run, first time use, insertion, insertion - folding methods, meluna, popping open, tampons

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