Dirtiest Girl In America (renly_stormsend) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Dirtiest Girl In America

I think I may have an addiction

Hi all,

I've been a lurker for a few months, I've been using a size 2 diva for quite a while but I was still using tampons and pads more than the cup. I recently purchased two used cups from another user on here which I think has started my addiction.

Before the cups arrived I decided that I wanted to try cloth pads, so I order a free Luxe liner from P.I.M.P, it arrived the day after the cups.

In the last month or so I've purchased four more cups, for a total of seven that I own(atleast once they all arrive). The two used ones I purchased are a large Lunette Selene and a medium soft MeLuna basic. They arrived right after my cycle ended so I was out of luck that month. My next cycle came early but before that I had tried both on very successful dry runs. I was sick at the time of my early cycle but I was determined to try the new cups so despite having a stomach virus, sinus infection and strep throat I used both cups successfully with no leaks during my cycle.

I love the nee cups so much. The diva is nice but not the best imo. Anyway, the last day of my cycle something made me think, "Buying a Fleurcup is a really good idea." So that day I ordered a large violet Fleurcup.

A few days ago when Femmecup was having a sale I said,"What the hell, I want to try one." and ordered one.

Yesterday, I ordered a large black MeLuna with ball stem and a violet xl MeLuna with ball stem as well. Once those orders were placed I decided that I wanted to get some cloth pads, I order an overnight pad from P.I.M.P with the woodland(I believe) pattern. I then ordered an extra heavy Domino minkee pad with the rainforest(I believe) pattern. I spent almost $80 dollars just yesterday on reusable menstrual products. And that's still less than what I've been paying for disposables.

Anyway I get paid tomorrow morning, my check is direct deposited around 10am and I'm already thinking about ordering more cloth pads and more cups.

Every cup I've tried so far has worked great for me, so I'm not searching for a "goldielocks" cup or anything because they are all great.

I think I'm just buying cups to buy cups. I honestly want to try them all. Every brand, every size, every color.

Is anyone in the same boat as me? Addicted?

My mother thinks I'm crazy buying so many, I told her I'm collecting them all.

One things for sure I won't be using tampons any time soon. And my cloth pad stash will be huge within a few months if I keep this crazy buying stuff up that I'll never need to use a disposable pad ever again.

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