annflanigan (annflanigan) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Newbie questions re fleurcup and larger capacity

Hi there,
I am new to the world of menstrual cups, but after some research here, bought the large fleurcup a few months ago. This is my second cycle using it. I have had two children, and have heavy, irregular periods. I have started to figure out some successful insertion techniques, but find removal very painful, as the ridge of the rim scrapes the vaginal wall on its way out. I can't seem to reach my fingers in far enough to pinch the cup to remove it in anything but fully open position, and though I have given birth, that opening is still small (I was fitted for the smallest size of diaghram after birth!). Would love help with that and also wonder if there are suggestions for a larger capacity cup. On my 3 or so very heavy days I have to get up twice during the night to change the cup and can only go an hour and a half to two hours or so during the day.
I have a very low cervix- have trimmed the stem of fleurcup down below the first notch, and working up the courage to trim it completely off. I would love to know if there is a solution for me where I don't have the capacity issue (oh and is it normal for it to start leaking profusely when over full? I read about people using panty liners as backup and can't imagine since I have a gush when it is full). Thanks in advance for help!!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, fleurcup, heavy blood flow, removal - painful or problems, sizes/size issues

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