tara_9876 (tara_9876) wrote in menstrual_cups,

first time, questions

Hi all, glad I found this place.

I recently got a Meluna mini, S. yes, I'm not very big down there LOL. I've had a baby, but my vagina is only 4cm long, so this one just fits (I can feel the stem at the opening, but it's not uncomfortable at all). I am blessed with very little flow, I could normally easily use a pad in 24 hours (if it was hygienic to do so).

It leaks, though, so now I'm wondering if I put it in wrong, or if it's too small. I get about a teaspoon in the cup and spotting besides that. Spotting is not even enough to stain the undies, but it's still there. This is after a few hours.

I'm pretty sure I got suction and that it's open. When I pull it out, it makes a little popping sound when the suction breaks. I do find it hard to get it out, hard to get enough fingers up there to reach it properly and squeeze it to release suction. I guess this is practise?

Why would it be leaking? how do I know it's sitting properly?

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