hannahdeary (hannahdeary) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New user of MeLuna (Soft, Small) and kind of nervous

After much research(and yes, I did check where my cervix sits on my period), I decided to purchase the small soft MeLuna for myself, in glitter style.
According to PinkPad(my app that shows me when my period is), my period isn't due for another 20 days. So, I figured I should try to practice using it.
However, I have some issues with it that seem minor, but still make me nervous as a first time user.
First is on the rim, there is a spot that is very slightly more sticky than the whole rest of the cup. It doesn't leave an imprint of my finger when I press into it- at least not that I can see- but I read a post on here where someone had a similar issue and had it replaced. It honestly seems normal to me but still a little scary.
Second is that a few little bits of glitter came off of the cup before I boiled it, although that may have been because I was messing with it a little. I went ahead and rinsed it, then boiled it, and then washed it with a wash cloth and dove soap just to try to remove any glitter pieces I could that were still hanging off, but I want to make sure that's not a huge problem either.

Despite these things, I did practice inserting it and removing it, and I really love it because it went pretty well- usually things do not get into my vagina very easily, and they come out even less easily(mostly this has to do with tampons, which dry me out...). However, I'm not certain I got it to open. I was wondering if it's a good idea to keep practicing until my period comes, to wear it for more than a minute before my period comes, and if that will have me fully prepared by the time my period does come? I'm hoping the practice will cut the learning curve it requires, so that I am able to use it comfortably by the time I go off to college in the fall.

Also, will the MeLuna be helpful if I also want to start keeping track of my cervical mucus?
Tags: dry run, first time use, meluna - soft

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