Ellias Ashland (windsangel15) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Ellias Ashland

Can't decide on a size?

I'm 20 years old, nonvirgin, and looking for a reusable cup. I've tried the Soft Cups and had issues getting them out (although I eventually figured it out by bearing down) but I want to move to a permanent cup. I have no idea how high/low my cervix sits. Although I know a lot about my body, I either can't reach it or I can't find it (which makes me believe it is high, as I've used the NuvaRing too and I have never noticed it). I think I'm going to get a Lunette because I get free two-day shipping from Amazon on the Lunettes and DivaCups. I usually experience a three day period, where the last day is light/spotting and the first day is my heaviest (but still moderate). Although I have not been pregnant or given birth, my husband and I plan on trying in the next few months so I don't want to risk getting a small cup if it will only work for me for two months. Everything I have read seems really confusing and I keep flipping back and forth between the small and large cups. I like the idea of it being smaller/less stiff but I don't want to purchase something that will not work for me. Does anyone have any advice for me? Thanks in advance!
Tags: buying decisions, lunette, sizes/size issues

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