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Pretty soon I'll be headed out on a youth group mission trip for a week-and of course, this will be during my second cycle with my cup. I've got insertion/removal down, but mostly did this in a bathtub last cycle (with a few successful tries over a toilet instead). For this trip, *all* bathrooms are stalls with sinks on the other side of the room. The showers are located in a junior high and we have been told to bring swimsuits because they are basically community showers, which means I cannot just wipe it off in the stall and wash it in the shower.
I'm looking at buying a box of the lunette disinfecting wipes, but it does say that it has to completely dry before it can be worn again. My time to change things out will be fairly tight-how long does it take for it to dry off? Does anyone have any words of wisdom that could help me on this adventure?
Tags: cleaning - public, travel
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