joellep1234 (joellep1234) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Buying my first M.C.

So i did a lot of research and I really like the Me Luna classic cups and the Femmy Cycle.
The the thing about the Femmy Cycle is that you have to replace it every year because it can have fungi developing in it... Is it not made of medical grade silicone? Other wise i really like their idea.
So now I am leaning to buy the Me Luna classic starter kit. But what sizes should I get? Usually the first days of my period i go through 3 super playtex tampons so i guess i have a pretty heavy flow, then the rest of the days my flow is normal and at the end a bit of spotting.
So should I get sizes M+L or L+ExL?
If I get the Me Luna and go to sleep with it, can i leak a little because of the little holes on the end?
Can I swim with it without worrying that water can get through the holes?
Big thank yous to anyone who answers these questions.. Just making sure I buy a great M.C. with great protection against leaking.

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