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Yay CupLee

Woo okay. So I posted last month introducing myself and thanking the community for being here and being supportive. After that post I went ahead and ordered a CupLee from FeminineWear in the UK. I am in the US so it took a while for my order to arrive, but I had all month before I needed it anyway! As a side note, I highly recommend ordering from there. My order came with a bunch of cute stuff like a notepad, free sample of lube, some candies, probably something else I'm forgetting, oh and the cup!

I got the CupLee in a gorgeous peach color with a pretty orange bag. I went camping over the holiday weekend here and wasn't sure if I'd start while we were out so I brought along my Diva and also my new CupLee. I did end up wearing my Diva on our last day there/drive home and overnight since I knew it wouldn't leak and figured that wasn't the best time to try the new cup. The new cup is significantly softer than the Diva so I wasn't sure how my body would like it.

I got to wear it for the first time today to work and around the house. I love it! It is easy to insert and open, hasn't leaked yet today, and it feels a bit better to me than the Diva. I think because it is softer it isn't pressing on my bladder as much so it's easier to pee and I'm not getting the crampy feelings anymore.

Even with the shorter body and longer stem I was surprised how far out the stem was when I went to empty it earlier. My (untrimmed) Diva stem was always pretty far up there, but this stem was actually poking way out and I didn't even notice. Maybe my cervix was low today or something. If that continues though I'll probably trim it. In any case, I'm a happy camper with my CupLee so far! I'll take it for an overnight test tonight and hopefully it won't leak. It seems like a good purchase so far, though. Softer cup was what I needed.
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