flowersofwonder (flowersofwonder) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Getting really frustrated...

Hi everyone! I'm relatively new to the whole menstrual cup scene, I've been using my femmecup for three months now and I'm loving it! Most of the time.

I feel like I've gotten the insertion part under control, it pops open, doesn't leak (all that much at least) and I can't feel it or anything. So that part is kind of awesome, however the removal is sort of turning in to a nightmare. I've gotten some sort of routine down but it's not a very good one and it's way too awkward. First of all it hurts a lot, I've really been working on folding it during removal but that is basically impossible, I managed one time and that took like 20 minutes. And it still hurt a lot.
And then the second part is that during my very acrobatic attempts at folding it the entire contents is basically squeezed out of the cup. It's like the rim is too firm and the cup is too soft so while I can't actually fold the rim the cup itself just flattens out (and sort of folds)and the contents ends up over my fingers or coming out after I've removed the cup. And I simply can't fit more than one finger up there, seriously, so the "hot dog in a bun" thing I've read about is very difficult.

I guess I don't have a proper question, I'm just feeling frustrated and thinking this is sort of hopeless. I'd be very grateful for any tips or tricks you might be able to share with me!
Tags: femmecup, removal - painful or problems
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