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Hi all!
I'm in the middle of my first cycle with a Sckoon cup. First dry run did not go well, but so far everything else has! I've got my insertion/removal routine down to about 6 minutes without problems, until today.
My periods used to be about 4-5 days of too-heavy-for-super-plus-tampons deluge, but since the beauty of the pill I'm down to one true flow day-except during this day I can go through about 3 super tampons (so it goes from nothing to full force to nothing again). My cup is in place, suction is good, everything seems dandy except I'm getting very small, very slow leakage-enough for a pantyliner. When I empty the cup, it's full of the usual very dark/thick stuff, but the leakage is thin and brown (almost looks like what happens on the last day or so-doesn't look anything like my flow). While I'm changing the cup things don't slow down at all, so I'm wondering if this is really leakage or could this be what gets around the cup when I'm cleaning and reinserting? Has anyone else had anything like this? Today is the full force day-there was no leaking at all on my couple of very light days.
Even with this going on, this is such an improvement over tampons! Thankfully I'm down to the end of my light pads/liners, so I'm stopping to get some fabric ones to day as backup (I was bummed when the liner had to come to the rescue today). So glad I stumbled upon this miracle last year!
Tags: leakage & spotting

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