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Help Finding a Better Fitting Cup

Hi, I'm new so I hope I'm posting this right...I need some help finding a more comfortable fitting cup. Currently, I have the Diva size 1, as I'm 30 years old and have no children. I've been trying to use the Diva cup but it keeps becoming uncomfortable to wear even after a few hours of wearing it comfortably. So I was looking to purchase either the Lunette or the MeLuna but I need some advice on which one to get.

I put the Diva in right as I started my period and it was comfortable to wear (minus the stem, which I can trim later) but about 6 hours after inserting it, I felt it pop and lots of suction which starting hurting and giving me discomfort/pain to the point where I had to remove the cup. I never felt the cup open when I initially inserted it but I ran my finger around the rim to make sure it was open and the whole time I had it in the cup did not leak at all (so based on what I have been reading here, I assumed it was open). So at that point, I emptied it, turned the cup inside out thinking it might have been too long (based on LJ again and the fact that when I had it in before, the right way out, the bottom of the cup didn't go in quite all the way), re-inserted the cup (didn't feel the pop then either) and went to bed. The cup was comfortable to wear all night (no leakage) until early in the morning, when I felt that pop and the suction/discomfort start again while still laying in bed. So I had to removed and reinsert the cup again (I kept the cup inside out). But this time, the pop and suction started right after I put it back in. So this time I took it out and left it out because my parts were starting to get a bit sore at this point. I tried again the following day (cup still inside out) and had that suction/discomfort start as soon as I put it in.

So now I'm beginning to think I may need a different, shorter cup. But I'm not sure which one to get. The cup doesn't bother me at all until that pop/suction happens, then I'm not sure if it's the suction or if my cervix likes to sit low and the cup is bumping up against it that is causing the discomfort. But that's what it feels like once the pop and suction happens. My cervix is easy to reach but not as low as some others on here have described. But I'm still wondering if the Diva cup is too long, even after I turned it inside out. So now I'm considering either the Lunette or MeLuna. But I'm concerned that Lunette still might be too long since it's about the same length as the Diva turned inside out. So I was considering the MeLuna instead but I'm not sure if I should get the classic or the soft (and what size) since I don't know if the firmness of the cup is causing the discomfort. I'm worried that if I get the soft it might not open, but on the other hand, I'm worried that the classic would be too firm which would cause that discomfort again, as well as be too hard to insert.

So, is it the suction and/or firmness of the cup causing the discomfort or is it just too long? Should I try the Lunette or MeLuna? And what size and firmness?
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, divacup, inside-out, lunette, meluna, meluna - soft, seal & suction, sizes/size issues

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