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Tried or tested or something new

I have a Mooncup size B which is coming to the end of it's life (10 years old)

Obviously I'm 10 years older now which firmly puts me into size A territory but age is just a number :-)

Wondering whether I should get a straight like for like replacement, go for a bigger size or try something else completely.

I don't have problems with leakage but I do have a v. heavy flow so something with more capacity is tempting however during my period, especially towards the beginning, my cervix sits very low so not sure I'm going to be able to balance the two requirements.

I sometimes have issues with getting my current cup to pop open although I suspect this might be due to the age of my current mooncup so I'm not sure whether a softer cup would work for me but I also find my current cup can press on my bladder so maybe a softer cup would be worth a try?

All thoughts appreciated

(33, no children btw)
Tags: mooncup (uk)

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