mrslevell2b (mrslevell2b) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Stiffness comparison: Help me figure this out!

I have narrowed it down to 3 brands. Lunette, Fleurcup and Meluna. I have looked at about 3 stiffness charts and they all seem to differ a bit. I have also gotten personal reviews from friends. As well as watched and read reviews of each cup. Some think the small lunette is firmer than the small fleurcup. Others say its the other way around. I have looked on youtube as well and no one had done a stiffness video.

Of which of these is the stiffest? The softest?

Small & Large Lunette vs Small & Large Fleurcup vs Medium & Large Soft Meluna

Which one is the most comfortable for you?
Tags: fleurcup, lunette, meluna
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