Katrina Kieren (Katrina Kieren) wrote in menstrual_cups,
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Katrina Kieren

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I feel like the stem is stabbing me.

I am 26 years old and I purchased a Lunette size 2.
I only just got it today and I reinserted it 100 times. OK not really, but quite a lot until I put it aside, for annoying me too much.
I don't have a problem getting it in there or anything, I don't think. But the stem sticks out and feels like it is stabbing me. Honestly it's all the way up at my vaginal opening it seems to sort of hang out at an angle. So I push it up as high as I can and mess with it until it's hanging straight down. After about 2 minutes of wearing it, it seems to work its way back down and angle itself to start stabbing me again.

Any help getting this to work for me would be greatly appreciated.
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