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Since I didn't get any responses to a comment of mine in a very old topic, I'm gonna try it with a new post. By the way, I didn't know "vegetarian/vegan" is also a tag here.. does it even make a difference when it comes to menstrual cups? (Because I'm a vegan.)
And yes, I am aware there are some related topics but those didn't really help me (and everyone's lady bits are individual, right? :) )

So here is it:
I have a feeling that I "crush" my cup (MeLuna classic, size m). At least it looks squished when I pull it out after exhausted trying of placing it right. I already wrote to the MeLuna support whether I need a smaller or/and a firmer size or should simply try harder but didn't get an answer so far. According to their size chart I should use m (even without the sport issue I get nowhere near s).

But I really seem having problems with placing the cup right since it just doesn't want to suction (sorry, I don't know if that's the common word for it or even a verb) and, like I said, it looks squished which makes me believe that the cup might be a bit too large or too soft. Has anyone had this problem, too, and then tried MeLuna sport?! If so, did it work out better?

Also, my problem is that I don't know anything about my anatomy down there, e.g. if my cervix is low (heck, I didn't even know a cervix could be low/high) or if I have any kind of dysfunction/malformation. I only know - avoiding TMI - that I really might be 'literally uptight'. Or is it normal for a woman to be tight, especially without lube and stuff?! ('Cause I've read of some women who cannot seem to insert the cup without any lube.)
When menstruating, I use the smallest tampon size (mini) every day and I don't need to change it for a few hours. And even with that size I don't feel very comfortable. I don't know if that's of any relevance but it surprises me a little. (Sometimes I use a bigger tampon but that's rare.)

And - but I'm not very sure - I think the cup fit the first time I tried it on/in ;) (first day of menstrual cycle, actually). Or I was yet too unexperienced to check it accurately because the second time/day it seemed to leak (A LOT.. it was like I didn't use any vaginal sanitary products). Does this maybe mean that my cervix somehow "moves" during the menstrual cycle? (Seems to be common, too. Like I said I didn't even know any of this.)

I already tried at least two kinds of folding, different positions, squished here and there, put it back and forth, but when I start pulling the cup out it works without much difficulty (but it shouldn't, at least I think so). And sometimes it seems to finally start 'sucking' somewhere near the entrance. (But that's too low/uncomfortable.)
And it's also the squished look that really makes me wonder. (Maybe I even overcooked the cup? Or it's broken? I don't know..)

What do you think? Does anyone have suggestions? With my next menstrual cycle coming up I'd like to read some suggestions before buying a new cup. I'm thinking about getting MeLuna classic s or even MeLuna sport s but I'm afraid they might be useless, too.

Oh, I forgot two things:
- No virgin, no birth, sexually active
- The first time I unpacked the cup I got scared. Could also be a sign for wrong size? ;o Although most other women probably are surprised the first time, too.
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