florrieviridis (florrieviridis) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Do I have a high cervix?

Gosh, sorry for posting so often. I just have lots of questions and no one to ask them to, and everyone here is so understanding!

So I've been wanting to try a MoonCup but I haven't ever actually inserted something into my vagina before, and was actually kind of confused about the anatomy of 'down there'. I've never used a tampon before and have always assumed I just didn't have the right body shape for one, that there was perhaps something wrong with me. Today, however, I managed to insert one finger, in the squatting position. It didn't hurt at all, which surprised me. I got my whole finger in there (I have famously long, thin fingers) and only stopped because I reached the end of my finger. I THINK I felt a wall at the end, but I'm not sure.

I'm fifteen and a virgin. My questions are:
-Is it likely that I still have my hymen?
-Do I have a high cervix (I'm coming to the end of my period, and I thought squatting lowered it)?
-This might sounds silly, but isn't it kind of dangerous putting un-sterile objects inside our bodies? I mean, I know that's how we bring new life and all, but it seems like a fast-track way to infection (by un-sterile, I mean my finger I guess).

Tags: cervix position, hymen, mooncup (uk), virginity

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