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NaturalMamma review

NOTE TO READERS: I got my NaturalMamma as a promotional cup, and I promised a review in a menstrual cup community.  Please note that the promotional value of the cup has not affected this review.

I've been through several cups in the past few (maybe 5?) years.  I started out with the Lunette, back when there was only one size (which later morphed into being their larger size).  I liked the softness, I cut off the entire stem, but it was too wide and too long for me.

I then moved on to the small Diva, which I again cut off the entire stem of, and it was more comfortable, but again, the end of it stuck out of my vagina just slightly.  I didn't need the capacity, so off I went again, off to look for my Goldilocks cup.

I got a small Lunette Selene, which I loved dearly...until I got an IUD, and it began to leak.  Sadness, because I loved it.

When I heard about the NaturalMamma, and saw the bell-shaped picture that I'd had so much luck with, I decided to take a chance on it.  I'm SO glad I did!

I've never received a sample cup to write a review before, but I was running short on funds, and I thought it was a valid reason to ask for one.  I contacted the maker and asked if I could get a sample of their cup to review.  After a brief language barrier issue (Italian to English), she sent me one.

I got a white/clear cup - I just noticed on their website that they are now offering it in a pale green color, too.  It came in a white (!) zippered polyester pouch, lined in a waterproof...vinyl, I think.  The pouch had some slight dirt on it when it arrived, but I got it out with a Clorox bleach pen.  This is the first cup I haven't had to trim the stem on AT ALL, and it doesn't bother me.  The bell shape is ideal for me, and the slightly stiffer-than-Lunette material has completely stopped all my leaking issues.

Overall, I'm super happy with it, and it's the only cup I'm currently using.  I love it!
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