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13 May 2013 @ 09:14 pm
Hi :)

I'm 16 and a virgin. I recently bought a menstrual cup (the Mpowercup). I bought the large one as I have a very heavy flow - by heavy I mean, I have to use super sized tampons AND a really long, thick pad so that I don't leak. I really hate how uncomfortable it is.

I was a bit skeptical about the cup idea because it looked huge on the videos and pictures I'd seen online but I have used tampons and I masturbate often so I decided I would buy one.

My period passed two weeks ago and so I couldn't use it then, so today I decided to do a dry run. I sat on the toilet, did a punch-down fold with my cup (it looked the most comfortable) and then I slowly inserted it. It felt weird for a few seconds inside. I couldn't really feel the stem and I made sure it was fully open and the rim was against the wall of my vagina. I tried sitting on a flat surface to see if I could feel it and I guess I was successful because I couldn't feel it so much either.

Then I wanted to take it out...

Oh my, was it uncomfortable. I reached for the stem and pulled down, but it felt strange and it was difficult. So I put my thumb and index finger in to hold the part above the stem and pushed down on it and I could feel what I think is my cervix at the rim of the cup( it didn't hurt or anything, but I could feel it). I am having trouble trying to figure out if my cervix is low or high.It came out but the rim pushed against the bottom of my vagina entrance (where I think my hymen is but am quite uncertain) and it hurt! It felt like I was stretching it (like sometimes when you masturbate and you try three fingers but it just won't work).

So I decided to try again after masturbating ( so it could be more lubricated). This was probably not the best idea because it was difficult to get it in as my vagina walls were swollen inside due to masturbation (I've read tons about the female anatomy but still can't figure out my own anatomy). I tried to pull the cup out then and it still hurt the bottom part of my vagina entrance.

I'm hoping it will be easier to insert and remove it when I actually have my period but does anyone have any tips for me on how to stop it from hurting. As well as any other tips for a first time user.
teacupcake89 on May 13th, 2013 07:39 pm (UTC)

Remember that the vagina isn’t vertical, so make sure you angle the cup slanting downwards towards your tailbone/end of bottom. I repeat this to myself if I find the cup it hitting against something, take a deep relaxing breath and insert a bit further and repeat until it is mostly or fully inside. Remember this for removal so don't try to pull it out completely vertically!

Everything will be MUCH more easier on your period, but if you want to try again later/tomorrow/when on your period then get some water-based Lube or coconut oil and use lots of it! Put it on yourself not the cup, it makes it hard to keep the cup folded otherwise! Have a towel or toilet roll on hand to wipe your hands on if they get slippery. The lube will help prevent you getting sore from rummaging around whilst you get use to the cup.

To check it's opened up you can run a finger around the cup to feel that's it's opened up, and move it about if you can feel one part is still folded. Some cup users do a couple of kegels, squats or a sort of wiggle 'dance' for it to get into place :)
You can tug gently on the stem or twist the cup to check the seal but if it feels open, then you don't 'need' to be able to twist or pull it. I would just insert into position and let go (once it's inside enough) and leave it for a while, you'll soon know whether it's open/it correctly! :)

The cup does need to be 'fully open' though otherwise it won't be able to collect anything! However, not everyone is 'O' shaped inside, it may feel more oval shaped once opened, which is just your muscles and body pressing the cup. Sometimes the cup might pop open suddenly inside after insertion as the air is displaced!

Most people have almost all the cup including the stem inside them, and trim the stem if it pokes or is uncomfortable. I would try to insert the cup all the way in to begin with, and then trim the stem if you need to later on, the stem is like an internal tampon string, it shouldn't be dangling out! :) Don’t trim the stem until you have worn the cup for several hours/overnight when on your period and know how high it likes to sit, otherwise you may find it difficult to reach if it rides up! You can always trim more off later on if need be but you can’t put it back on!

Removal tips:

Remember that the cup can't get stuck or lost, the worst that can happen is that it will overflow and it getting full will probably help bring the cup lower down anyway. If you’ve tried everything it's realllly not coming out last case scenario you could use a spoon to scoop it out! :)
If you need to do a poo: do one! As it can help move the cup lower down :)

If you find it difficult to get a good grip on the stem try repeatedly wiping your fingers and self with toilet roll in between attempts so that they are less slippery. Or have a towel at hand if at home.
Squatting shortens the vagina and can make it easier to reach the cup so try different positions for removal, like with insertion.

You don't need to be able to reach the stem/base right away to remove (I can't reach that far to remove mine) but you DO need to be able to break the seal.
Bear down ‘push’ with your muscles until you can get a good hold on the stem and pull/wiggle it down side to side to break the seal until you can get hold of the base with your other hand whilst holding onto the stem. Then: either squeeze the base for 10-20 seconds to release the seal (you might hear a noise) or slide your finger up and press the rim inwards then slide out.

Try to remove the cup diagonally one corner first at the side so not to irritate the urethra and then the rest, keep a hand behind the cup as it comes out so it doesn't 'pop' out and tip up.

You can also partially refold the cup to make it more comfortable for removal: when it is close to the opening make a partial 'C' or ‘punchdown’ fold, using both hands if you need to.
You could also try the 'hot dog in a bun' removal method: cup=bun finger=hot dog, press your finger or thumb inwards and keep it there whilst you slide it out (shouldn't leak unless the cup is over 3/4s full)

sorry for massive post! hopefully there's something of use amongst my rambling! :)
juliiie87juliiie87 on May 13th, 2013 08:26 pm (UTC)
or slide your finger up and press the rim inwards then slide out.(...)the 'hot dog in a bun' removal method: cup=bun finger=hot dog, press your finger or thumb inwards and keep it there whilst you slide it out (shouldn't leak unless the cup is over 3/4s full)

This is precisely the method I came to suggest, its easy becaue you only need to be able to slide one finger up, instead of two. Just grabbing the stem and pulling down is not enough, as you've found out it will create suction and the cup won't move. Remember it should get easier on your period and especially over time and use.
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sally97 on May 14th, 2013 06:39 pm (UTC)
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